eMCREY’s solutions provide a holistic and integrated revolutionary approach, complete with exceptional ideas and services to help you accelerate innovation and maximize value from your IT investments.

We customize and tailor turn-key IT solutions that allow client organizations to face the demands of a highly dynamic business world, and to meet their operational and strategic goals and aspirations.

We partner with world leaders to deliver proven state of the art solutions, primarily:

• End-to-end e-Payment Solutions

• Smart Cards Issuing and Processing

• Secure ID & Authentication

These partners and strategic alliances include:

• Datacard: most trusted name in secure ID and personalization solutions

• FIS: the world's top-ranked technology provider to the banking industry

• Aconite: leading global consulting and software solutions provider in EMV

• Open Solutions: Renowned payments solutions provider 

More specifically, best-in-class IT solutions from our partners and strategic alliances are integrated by eMCREY's specialized and trustworthy team of experts, and encompass:

  • Smart Card Solutions
  • Acquiring Solution
  • Smart Card Management Solution
  • Fraud and Risk Management Solution
  • Settlement/Reconciliation/Exception Management Solution
  • POS Merchant Solution
  • Monitoring Solution
  • Back Office Solution
  • Issuing Solution
  • Payment Processing Solution
  • Card and Token Management Solution
  • Prepaid Solution
  • Mobile Payment Solution
  • Branch Automation Solution
  • Card Stock Management Solution
  • ATM Simulation and Testing Solutions
  • Secure Electronic ID and Authentication Solution
  • Know Your Customer Solution
  • Anti –Money Laundering Solution
  • Loyalty Solution

When Global Perspectives Meet Local Objectives

The Apex Suite

Apex OLP Enterprise 

A SADAD OLP ready online bill payment platform, allowing banks to quickly meet SADAD OLP requirements from merchant registration and management to customer registration to transactions processing and logging, all the way to the reconciliation and merchant settlements and disputes managements. It includes a add-on module for Apex Reconciliation to manage the specifics of OLP reconciliation requirements.

Apex PIN Manager

An end-to-end comprehensive PIN management solution providing a rich set of PIN management functions including advanced methods such as PIN by SMS, IVR, Online banking, PIN Pad and multi-channel delivery methods, as well as traditional methods like PIN Mailers. The solution also provides and advanced offline transportable PIN Pad mechanism particularly suitable for payroll and student cards delivery at companies and campuses.

Apex Mobile Services Platform

Delivers innovative mobile services even on standard legacy infrastructure. Enables your regular ATMs, without NFC capability, to support innovative card-less transactions using a mobile phone, such as Mobile Cash Withdrawal, Mobile Cash Remittance and Mobile Cash Deposit.



We complement the leading products that we implement from our partners, with a set of distinguished product especially designed to meet the detailed requirements of our customers in the region and comply with their local and regional requirements. Our Apex family of products fill this gap and precisely deliver the needed functionality that our customers require. 

Apex Framework

Apex Framework constitutes the common application framework and the foundation layer of the Apex suite of software products. It provides the common core functionality that all the Apex software products are based on, including the essential core functionality of: user entitlement and access control, audit logging, dual authorization features, Active Directory support, application GUI framework, reporting engine, graphical dashboard facility, data encryption and key management,  webservices and integration layer, and multi-tier application architecture.

  Apex Reconciliation

​Apex Reconciliation is an end to end, comprehensive transaction reconciliation, settlement and claims/exception management solution covering international card scheme requirements as well as regional local card scheme requirements. It is a modular solution having integrated modules that handle all aspects of the settlement and reconciliation cycle, covering issuer, acquirer, POS & Merchant, ATM and Electronic Journal, Core Banking hosts and generic module to support various types of systems in general. The product fully supports Visa, Mastercard, Amex and SPAN among other international and regional card schemes. It also includes accounting module that can automate the posting of resulting entries to core banking and GL systems.

Apex Inventory

Manages and tracks the cards and tokens stocks in a card / token issuance environment with full support for instant issuance as well as batch issuance. The solution features automated stock updates through seamless integration with the issuance system, including external personalization bureaus. The system is fully configurable at all levels from defining the inventory point in which stock quantities will be tracked, to defining the card products and their vendors, to defining the rules and conditions governing the various stock operations like transfer and requesting new stocks from vendors. It includes an alerts and notifications engine and a reporting engine with a rich set of standard reports. The system is licensed in two different levels: basic inventory offering the essential core features and advanced inventory offering the full-fledged advanced functionality.

Apex Loyalty

A card-holder and merchant loyalty programmes management system featuring comprehensive online loyalty functionality without the need for having a smart-card/chip loyalty application embedded on the payment card. It includes complete configurable rewards management supporting various types of rewards from vouchers, to cash-back, to miles and points for different categories of merchants. Likewise, the loyalty programmes themselves are fully configurable by the user with a rules based facility giving a wide flexibility. The system includes automatic points accumulation through seamless integration with the transaction processing system, and provides a rich set of services for interacting with other systems such as a bank’s web portal as well as a rich set of reports. The solution includes an optional module that provides an automated payment by installments functionality.

Apex Issuance

Delivers instant, remote, issuance and central, batch issuance for any type of EMV,contactless, magnetic and other types of cards and tokens, including for financial and non-financial applications, such as Telco. Apex Issuance integrates with any card management system (debit, credit, prepaid or other) and with existing front-end or branch systems used by the institutions (such as CRM system or Branch Teller Systems) to deliver seamless end-to-end issuance of the cards or tokens, either instantly at the branch, or centrally at the head-office or even at an external bureau. It drives personalization equipment (card printers and PIN Pads) from various vendors, and complies with international and regional card schemes like Visa, MasterCard and SPAN and related standards such as EMV and PCI.

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