eMcREY leading on IoT Task Force

During the last meeting of the IEEC Power System Communication Committee, a new task force was created to work on the Internet of Things (IoT) for the connected home. We are pleased to share the news that this new group will be chaired by Marc Lacroix of eMcREY.

The remit of the task force is to study the different use cases that will take advantage of the IoT in connected homes. It will define telecommunications and cybersecurity requirements, in addition to preparing a set of guidelines to help experts at utility companies implement remote customer management systems.

As technology moves forward, it’s in the best interests of businesses and consumers to agree and implement standards; not only when these are required by legislation, but also when they are driven by industry bodies which represent the interests of all stakeholders.

“We are very happy that Marc is able to take on this leading role,” commented eMcREY CEO, Mona Yahchouchi. “The evolution of IoT has reached a point where dialogue across the industry is crucial to the development of standards that will help increase adoption of IoT technology. Marc’s expertise in the energy sector will allow him to make a great contribution and eMcREY is looking forward to a productive collaboration with our fellow IEEC task force members.”